Monday, 11 December 2017

Wellcome to JSC Rudensk

 OAO Rudensk (Joint Stock Company Rudensk) was created in the course of privatization by means of reorganization of rent enterprise  Rudensk plastic goods factory  in Yune 1995 and is its full right-successor. The leading stockholder is Mingosimushchestvo - 99,7%.

539 workers and employees are there at the enterprise.

The main production includes:

  • Production capacities for  polymer processing by means of  injection mould and extrusion. Total capacity is more than 2000 tons in year that provides production of lighting devices for needs of truck and tractor industries, children toy, house-hold articles, polyethylene film goods.
  • Capacities for production of melt adhesive for furniture manufacturing, other composited materials  for processors of polymer materials with capacities till 200 tons in year.
  • The production capacities permit to produce lighting devices in assortment more than 2  Mio pc in year.

The production of lighting devices is equipped with high productive machinery for injection mould, assembly and quality check of produced lighting devices.

The enterprise produces:

  1. Lighting devices for needs of truck and tractor industries.
  2. House hold chemistry (shoe polish with dosage into aluminium tubes 40g and into polymer tare 40g, 50 g and 70 g, shampoo, melt adhesive, composed materials).
  3. House hold goods.
  4. Polyethylene film and polyethylene film goods with thickness from 45 to 160 mkm and sleeve width from 60 to 110 cm with possibility of colour printing.
  5. Articles for supply of industrial cooperation. Assortment is based as a rule on given moulds.

Moreover the enterprise executes auxiliary kinds of activities by using of potential of enterprise.
In particular:

  • transport and depository services;
  • manufacturing of moulding instruments, other instrument, metall constructions;
  • services of accredited in Belstandart laboratories for house hold chemistry and measuring of lighting devices;
  • e.c.t., in all 21 kinds of other activities registrated in statutes of enterprise.

In the Republic of Belarus, which has an extensive network of enterprises producing autotractor technics, OAO Rudensk is one of the major manufacturers of lighting products.

The mastered devices are distinquished from manufactured in the CIS-states by design, construction and technology of manufacturing and correspondent to requirements  of Common Market.


Join Stock Company "Rudensk"

+375(1713) 6-32-63 - Director of marketing department
+375(1713) 6-33-64 - The chief of a departament of marketing
+375(1713) 6-33-84 - Bureau of the consumer goods
+375(1713) 6-31-97 - Bureau of the industrial goods


222850 Republic of Belorussia, Minsk region,
Pukhovichy district, Rudensk, Leninskaya str.,1